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Heart of Weybridge is a campaign to enhance our town — inspired by hearing people’s hopes and concerns. These include:

  • our town centre, which many think deserves some TLC. After all, Walton has had millions spent on its centre. What’s needed for Weybridge?
  • community facilities, which people fear are at risk. A lot of people have worked hard to save Weybridge Hall. They deserve full support to make it a continuing success.  What facilities matter most to you, and is action needed?
  • plus countless local things — big and small — that affect our daily lives.

What do you feel would help enhance our town? There are positive initiatives, like the Elmbridge Civic Improvement Fund and Weybridge Town Business Group. Now Morrisons are seeking views on major new plans, which could bring hundreds of jobs.  So Weybridge may be changing — and we all have a chance to make a difference.

‘Heart of Weybridge’ is a not-for-profit local group, run by local residents.
Founded by members of Weybridge Lib Dems, but NOT party-political. Open to all.

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